View Full Version : How Would You Coach a Two Game Series?

02-25-2014, 09:45 PM
Since we have a long time to go until the next game for the Men's team, I thought it would be interesting to kick around a basketball strategy question that you might not be used to. One of the formats used for playoffs around the world is a two game home and home series. It saves some travel costs and does not give as big of a home court advantage as a best out of three series. DeMarcus Nelson and David McClure for example, are currently in the middle of competitions that use this format. I would like to know how you would coach in this format.

Here are the basics:
-The team that would get home-court advantage hosts the second game
-Scores are combined after both games to determine the winner
-If aggregate score is tied after second game, overtime is played (no away points rule or anything like that)
-The first game can end in a tie
-The second game can end in a tie (as long as the aggregate score is not tied too)

So here are some of the things to consider:

As an underdog, how would you approach the first game on your home court? Do you play your starters longer to try to take the biggest lead possible into the second game? Do you play your regular rotation?

How would you coach the end of the first game? If you are heading home for the second game while slightly behind in the first, do you try fight back at the end of game to tie or take the lead or do you play it you the way you would the end of a half?

How would you approach the second game while ahead/behind as the underdog/favorite? If you have a lead, when do you start to slow the game down? If you are behind, how aggressively do you try to overturn that deficit early?