View Full Version : MLax: Two Duke Alums Make the National Team

02-05-2014, 11:08 PM
The 30-man roster that will represent the United States at the world championships in Denver in July was announced today, and it includes two former Duke players.

One is an absolute non-surprise: Ned Crotty. The former Teewaaraton Award winner is (as far as I know) the only player ever to win an NCAA championship and a world championship in the same calendar year. Ned can play both attack and midfield, he's a great feeder and dodger from behind, and he's great in the riding game.

The other: David Lawson. Seriously. Dave is now officially the poster-boy for continuing to work hard and develop your game. In four years, he went from zero points and one ground ball as a freshman in 2010 to a part of the greatest team ever assembled. His greatest strength is as a step-down shooter, and on a team with a bunch of world-class dodgers at midfield, there will be plenty of step-down opportunities. He also can take some shifts on the defensive end if needed because of injuries.

Congrats to Ned and Dave. We will be rooting for you in July.