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01-09-2014, 04:36 PM
For a variety of reasons, the Major League Lacrosse college draft takes place before the college season--in fact, the 2014 draft is tomorrow (Friday) night.

Trades have scrambled the first-round order, but it seems virtually certain that Duke will have two first-rounders, and might have a third (although I don't think it will happen).

Here are my thoughts on how the first round shapes up.

1. Ohio. Tom Schreiber, M, Princeton. He's the guy everybody wants. Unless somebody trades up, he's going to Ohio.
2. Rochester. Jordan Wolf, A, Duke. The best senior attackman, and Rochester created a need by trading Ned Crotty to New York.
3. New York. Joe Fletcher, D, Loyola. New York needs a lot of things, but they need poles most of all. Fletcher will be the first of four poles taken in the first round.
4. New York. Luke Duprey, LSM, Duke. See above. Luke is going to be better as a pro than as a collegian, because the pro game is more physical.
5. Florida. Scott McWilliams, D, Virginia. Florida needs one more cover guy, and McWilliams is the best available.
6. Denver. Michael Ehrhardt, D, Maryland. This is a future-need pick. Lee Zink isn't getting any younger.
7. Charlotte. Jim Marlatt, M, Notre Dame. The Hounds need to replace Peet Pollion on the first midfield. Marlatt is a great fit with Sawyer and Tripucka.
8. Boston. Pat Laconi, SSDM, Loyola. Opposing midfielders killed the Cannons last year, and Laconi is the best guy out there.

I fully expect Brendan Fowler and Henry Lobb to go in the second round, and Chris Hipps will likely go in the third or fourth.

Best wishes to all of our guys tomorrow night.

01-10-2014, 08:56 PM
The first four picks went as anticipated. Then it got a little interesting.

Florida and Denver went for offense: the Launch took attackman Kieran McArdle from St. John's, and Denver went local to take Jeremy Noble from Denver.

Charlotte took me by surprise by taking Michael Ehrhardt (who I had going to Denver), and Boston took Scot McWilliams (who I had going to Florida).

Brendan Fowler went to Charlotte at number 14. The Hounds are having a GREAT draft through two rounds. In addition to Ehrhardt and Fowler, they took the best SSDM in this draft (Pat Laconi from Loyola) and a terrific offensive midfielder in Mike Chanenchuk from Mrulund.

Draft is still ongoing. Expecting to see Lobb and Hipps go soon.

01-10-2014, 08:58 PM
Big surprise: Josh Dionne goes to Charlotte at number 18.

01-10-2014, 10:24 PM
The Charlotte Hounds now have their own chapter of the Duke Alumni Association.

Six Duke players were selected, and four went to the Hounds: Brendan Fowler at 14, Josh Dionne at 18, Henry Lobb at 31, and Chris Hipps at 55.

Jordan Wolf gets to play with two Thompsons. Rochester drafted Miles and Ty. How much fun will he have playing with those guys?