View Full Version : Barton and Maryland

Olympic Fan
05-27-2013, 12:12 PM
As much as we have obsessed about Memphis transfer Tarik Black and Duke's post position, outsiders have obsessed about Memphis transfer Antonio Barton and Maryland's point guard position,

There's a difference -- at least Black would have helped Duke's post issues ... Barton would have done NOTHING to help Maryland's point guard situation.

Even the front page of the DBR today notes Barton's choice of Tennessee by saying: "This may leave Maryland with a (continuing) problem at point guard."

It's hard to blame DBR from repeating the same misconception that has been spread so wildly. ESPN's insider analysis of Barton's decision makes the same mistake, talking about how he'll help the Tennessee PG rotation.

Antonio Barton is NOT a point guard -- not even close. He's a shooting guard with a good 3-point shot (over 44 percent on more than 400 attempts in three seasons). But he's a nearly useless ballhander -- who has never averaged even two assists a game (while averaging over a turnover a game for his career). He's had 142 assists and 109 turnovers in three seasons at Memphis. Last season he was sixth on the Memphis team in assists (although he did have more than Tarik Black).

He might have helped Maryland, which sometimes struggles from 3-point range (and loses a good 3-point threat in Aranholt), but Dez Wells (3.0 assists), Nick Faust (3.7 assists) and even Seth Allen (2.2 assists) were better distributors. Of course, the real answer for Maryland is incoming freshman Roddy Peters, a true 6-4 point guard who a top 50 recruit who struggled with injuries a bit as a prep senior.