View Full Version : This Week in the (non-ACC) Top 25

Bob Green
03-04-2013, 04:37 PM
Well we have reached the last week of the regular season so every game counts a bunch for teams vying for seeding, and counts double for teams on the bubble. Here are the games that standout to me (I am sure there are others):


Cincinnati at Louisville (#8)


Ohio State (#14) at Indiana (#2), St. John's at Notre Dame (#24)


Georgetown (#5) at Villanova, Oklahoma St (#13) at Iowa State, St. Louis (#16) at Xavier


Wisconsin (#22) at Michigan St (#10), Oregon (#19) at Colorado


Syracuse (#17) at Georgetown (#5), Kansas (#4) at Baylor, Notre Dame (#24) at Louisville (#8), Florida (#11) at Kentucky, Kansas St (#9) at Oklahoma St (#13), New Mexico (#12) at Air Force

There are a number of Top 25 teams with potentially tough games on the road this week. As Duke fans, it would be nice to see Baylor beat Kansas. Florida has struggled mightily on the road so their trip to Lexington could be interesting.

I'm sure there are other games with seeding/bubble implications that I've managed to overlook, but I'm confident board membership will point them out and discuss them.

Buckeye Devil
03-04-2013, 09:18 PM
Louisville looked good tonight on both ends of the floor, I thought. And G'town continues to impress. It isn't hard to imagine either or both making a serious run at the Final Four.

All Midwest eyes on OSU/IU Tuesday night. If OSU wins, there is a possibility for UM, MSU, Wisconsin and OSU to share in the Big 10 title. IU is guaranteed at least a share. An IU win gives it to them outright. Kind of tough to see OSU going to Assembly Hall and pulling one out.

Not really into the Big 12 but Iowa St. and the other OSU is an intriguing match up. Sorry but I can't see Baylor beating KU. Texas is handling them right now and they are down this year.