View Full Version : Take a minute to smell the roses.....

03-04-2013, 03:54 PM
The hype about the NCAA tournament is well underway. This includes commentaries about what seed Duke deserves and whether they will make it to the Final Four. Just for a few minutes we should consider the regular season and how successful this team is.

Every year there are several regular season goals I like to track (and I bet so does the team). So before we get too "mad in March", lets see what defines regular season success and how this team is doing:

1. Regular season ACC title (fell short this year)
2. Beat UNC (one down and one to go)
3. Undefeated at home (one more game to go)
4. Win preseason tournament (check this box)
5. Beat all non-conference opponents (check this box)
6. Thirty win season (within reach, this does spill over into the post-season but you have to win a few in the regular season to get close)

There are two other goals which would set this team up for post-season success

7. Finish in top 4 of ACC to avoid Thursday ACC tournament game (check this box)
8. Be in the running for a top (#1 or #2) NCAA seed (close to checking this box)

Enjoy the success so far before getting too wrapped up in the one and done tournaments.