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02-25-2013, 09:29 PM
After a perfect week against the bottom 6 a week ago, last week saw two top 6 squads drop crucial games against the bottom. For Miami, the loss to Wake didn't really hurt their tournament picture (although it makes their shot at a 1 seed more tenuous) but it ended the deepest undefeated conference season since Duke in 2006 (and the deepest non-Duke/UNC undefeated season in over 30 years). Plus, it keeps the #1 ACC seed in play, at least theoretically (although with the Canes' schedule down the stretch, losing the top spot is extremely unlikely). For Maryland, the story is different - losing to Boston College almost immediately surrendered the positives of the win over Duke last Saturday, and now they sit at .500 with 3 of their final 4 on the road, including at UVA, and the only home game against a resurgent UNC squad. Maryland needs a road sweep this week to keep their tournament hopes alive. For the week, the top largely plays the bottom - the only exception are Duke's 2 games. The week will challenge the Devils' two game lead on second place.

Monday was dark.

Tuesday Wake goes to Florida State. The Deacs have been tough at home but anemic on the road - the Noles have just been anemic.

[122]Florida State hosts [118]Wake Forest

Wednesday the top takes on the bottom. The biggest game is Maryland's trip to Atlanta. The Jackets are slightly better than their record and have the size to slow down Maryland's front line. The others should be cake walks, with Miami hosting Virginia Tech and NC State hosting BC.

[13]Miami hosts [158]Virginia Tech
[93]Georgia Tech hosts [59]Maryland
[46]NC State hosts [109]Boston College

Thursday has Duke on the road in game #1 between the top 6, traveling to UVA. Virginia hasn't lost a conference home game and only the contest against State was really close - otherwise they've won by 9, 20, 14, 27, 18, and 28. In total, they're winning their home games by an average of 17, and that's in slow games. In other action, UNC hits the road to take on Clemson riding a 3-game winning streak and having won 9 of 12.

[17]Virginia hosts [5]Duke
[95]Clemson hosts [31]North Carolina

Friday is dark.

Saturday has three games. The marquee is Miami visiting Cameron. Last year they came away with an overtime win, this year they may be limping a bit. Duke should be charged up (more so with a Ryan Kelly return, he says optimistically?) - this is basically the best remaining game on the ACC schedule. In other action, Maryland hits the road to take on Wake and the Hokies host the Tigers.

[118]Wake Forest hosts [59]Maryland
[5]Duke hosts [13]Miami
[158]Virginia Tech hosts [95]Clemson

Sunday is full of top against bottom. UNC hosts FSU on national TV in a pick-your-margin kind of game. NCSU and Virginia have at least slightly tougher tests in that they have to take their show on the road. Virginia's 17-point margin at home is a -2-point margin on the road, and BC has been frisky in Chestnut Hill. NC State is also not great on the road, but the Jackets have been less formidable at home (outscored on the season).

[31]North Carolina hosts [122]Florida State
[109]Boston College hosts [17]Virginia
[93]Georgia Tech hosts [46]NC State

ACC Non-Conference Record: 115-37
ACC vs. BCS Opponents: 19-18
(note - now that non-conference play is done the detailed record by conference won't be re-posted until we hit tournament play).

02-27-2013, 07:51 PM
Maryland needs wins against UNC and UVa to make the NCAA's. Uhhhh.... the Terps are losing to Georgia Tech at the half tonight.

BC closed the gap against NCS but Scott Wood hit a circus shot to make the lead six points at the half.

VT is crashing and burning, as expected, in Miami.

By the way, as I pointed out on the Road Wins thread, the road team is winning fewer than one-third of the ACC games. Maturity, guys, maturity!


02-27-2013, 08:41 PM
Maryland down 12 with 10 to go. BC llsing badly. Virginia Tech has lost to Miami. All the road teams, so far, on the losing end.


02-27-2013, 09:01 PM
Maryland down 12 with 10 to go. BC llsing badly. Virginia Tech has lost to Miami. All the road teams, so far, on the losing end.


Hopefully that trend continues until a little after 9pm tomorrow when we face UVa. It would be great for the Heels to stumble and allow us to lock up the #2 seed.

02-28-2013, 06:52 PM
Alas, looking like Clemson is doing their usual belly up for unc.



Tappan Zee Devil
02-28-2013, 07:14 PM
Alas, looking like Clemson is doing their usual belly up for unc.



Msn - They keep shooting (and missing) threes.

02-28-2013, 07:19 PM
If Clemson could hit an open 3, this would be a vastly different game. Clemson looks awful.

And the announcers nicely laid out what a genius Roy is for taking DBR's advice and going smaller with Hairston playing instead of Hubert. Hmmm...

03-02-2013, 04:17 PM
Maryland picked up a big win at Wake - not big in the sense that it will be an impressive resume win, but big in the sense that it was a game they couldn't afford to lose. Still a lot of work left to do with matchups against UNC and UVA next week.