View Full Version : NCAA on the offensive to block state law aimed at undermining the PSU settlement

02-22-2013, 04:16 AM
Jurist, a publication connected to the Pitt law school has the story (http://jurist.org/paperchase/2013/02/ncaa-sues-pennsylvania-governor-in-federal-court-over-psu-fines.php). Part of the NCAA's settlement with Penn State (a consent judgment, in this instance) over the Sandusky matter was an agreement that the university would spend $60 million on child abuse prevention. For some reason it was characterized as a "fine." Last week the governor signed a law designed to require universities receiving state-appropriated money to pay such fines to a state created endowment. As I understand it, the money to be paid is not from the state treasury, but from football revenues. This would take oversight of the fund away from the NCAA and turn the "fine" over to a newly created endowment run by the state. Maybe not a bad idea, since I'm not certain that the NCAA is the best judge of how to spend such money--child abuse prevention is not a core function of the NCAA. But since PSU (not the NCAA) was to run the program, this new law seems more of a seizure of the money than anything else.

This story is pretty truncated and I'm sure there will be more, particularly since Governor Corbett and the NCAA are spitting nails at each other.