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03-05-2007, 01:49 PM
this year is not over yet, and with some inspired play this Duke team might be able to get to the Elite 8, probably the Sweet 16.
These are some things that Duke's current players need to do over the off-season (i won't comment on the incoming class cuz i've never seen them play):
Nelson: work on shooting form to improve CONSISTENCY, both at the line and from 3; a pull-up jumper from the FT line so that he doesn't have to drive all the way to the rim in the half-court O; better ball-handling skills and if possible better passing.
McRoberts: (assuming that he returns) work on shooting form to improve CONSISTENCY, both at the line and from 5-15 out; better post moves. Weight room!!!
Paulus: keep working on the shooting, develop sneaky/crafty ways to get open in the half-court O and improve one-on-one D.
McClure: work on shooting form to improve CONSISTENCY, both at the line and from 5-15 out; better post moves and work on ball handling so that he can drive to the rim a little bit. Could stand to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle.
Scheyer: develop consistency with his 3pt shot.
Thomas: work on shooting form to improve CONSISTENCY, both at the line and from 5-15 out; better post moves. Gain 10-20 lbs of muscle in the weight room.
Henderson: developing a more reliable 3pt shot would make him so much more dangerous as well as a better handle.
Zoubek: Feet, must improve his feet and to complement this, a pair of solid post moves so that the decision making process becomes easier; he must also get stronger overall and especially in the legs.
Pocius: watch lots of tape and get K's D system down, that's the only way he'll see more PT. He has regressed in terms of efficiency so he needs to regain his shooting touch.

03-05-2007, 03:40 PM
Let me start off by saying I am looking forward to this post season. This is a young team that I have enjoyed watching grow.

I am bored at work and was thinking.

I know EVERY player needs to improve in everything, but these are some big areas I seen were a weakness. Also I realise that Most of the stars on this team were injured last off-season!

Greg Paulus- Learn to stop the Dribble Penetration a little better. Like Josh he seems to get tired at the end of games(Or maybe just the UNC game). So maybe get in a little bit better of shape. Not too many negatives to say about his Offensive game

Demarcus Nelson- Worked very hard this last Off season to become in shape and it has really showed. With that being said, I believe he needs to improve on his Mid-Range game and 3-point shooting. Demarcus and Gerald are the only 2 guards that can "create" for themselves. Demarcus usually has some good looks but doesnt always fall.

Gerald Henderson- I know he doesnt shoot the 3 very much, but when he does its because he is wide open. Shoots 32% from beyond teh arc(Thats not getting it done when you are left alone), and to me thats his 2nd biggest weakness. His biggest weakness is his asthma. Has been playing more and more minutes so maybe he is close to being over it?

David McClure- How can you not like him? Like Lance he needs to work on the offensive end of things. When in the game he is not a scoring threat unless he goes back up after a Offensive rebound. I would love to see him develope a consistent 3-point shot. The D usually plays 3 or 4 feet off him when he is out there, and at times no one is around him.

Josh McRoberts- Needs to work on finishing around the rim(Touch?). Not sure how players improve this, other then 100's and 100's of shots everyday. Maybe have Lance or Brian guard him while he does this work out. He gets alot of open shots but just never seems to goes down for him. Maybe a little Demarcus workout this summer would be good too. Seems to be getting tired after 30 Mins. Of course this is if he is back next year. Alot of you may be frustrated with him, but i love how he plays hard.

Lance Thomas- Almost everything on the offensive end. Learn how to stay out of foul trouble(How does one go about that)? We need Lance to contribute a little next year. Hopefully he can do this. Plays very hard and plays pretty good D.

Brian Zoubek- Has alot of work to do IMO. Needs to hit the weight room so he wont be pushed around, and needs to improve on his traveling problem(Sometimes i dont see what the refs see.. and get very angry because i dont believe he traveled).

Jon Scheyer- I like this kid, and think he WILL be a great player. But needs to work on his outside shooting. He misses way too many wide open 3's(He is only a FR) Maybe a little bit better ball handling skills(Maybe a cross-over just to keep the D honest).

Martynas Pocious- Dont really know what to say. I wached him this summer and he was a completely different player. Averaged like 20 a game and shot very well. Not quite sure why he cant put it together.. Maybe lack of PT?

Dont be too hard on me, Not trying to say these players suck by any means. Just I believe this is what they could really improve on. What are your thoughts?

Havent seen enough of the incoming FR to know their weaknesses.

Hopefully Duke can beat NCSU this thurs! Go Duke!

They moved my thread with yours UGA. :P

03-05-2007, 04:20 PM
Everyone: try not to cause opposition nosebleeds

03-05-2007, 04:40 PM
I've followed Duke Basketball for over 55 years,first following Dick Groat, and was lucky enough to play on Duke's Freshman team with Art Heyman as a walk-on with Bubas and Waters as coaches. Even a little semi-pro ball after school. I tell you that because I have been around b-ball a long time with some good people. I have been impressed with the knowledge of most of those who contribute to this site but feel some things need to be said.
First-Having watch a lot of coaches over the years, I am convinced that K is better than any I have ever seen. Not for the regular reasons! First ,he recruits "good" young men who meet Duke standards. That eliminates a lot. I remember a statement attributed to him years ago when he said he only recruited kids he could take home to his family! That says a lot. Second-He has the best game plans of other coaches. Not having the "most athletic" players,and surely most of you know what that means,his players fit his system. His game plan often surprise other coaches. Who would have thought we would have run with Carolina in the first game? Would have won if we hadn't lost our focus in the last 5 minutes. Third-He is the best half time coach. He analyzes and makes changes better than anyone.
Another point- There is an old saying that says you can't win with freshmen. That doesn't mean all games-just that you can't go all the way. While there are exceptions,believe it. The jump from high school to college is huge. From college to the pros-huge. Many kids who look good in high school are not ready for college ball-much less the ACC!
Another point-Point guards and big men are the slowest to develop. Believe it. I would argue that Paulus is a second year Freshman. Last year teams concentrated on JJ and Shelden. Paulus and McRoberts were complementary. Even Nelson,with his injuries, is not as experienced as a lot of Juniors.
The future-I think McRoberts will stay for next year. No one knows what his personal circumstances are but he's not ready. Also,he shouldn't think of the first pro contract,but the second. I think Zoubec is another year away from being a force but will play much more next year after working on weights,footwork and eliminating fouls. McRoberts needs a 15 footer badly for he will be a forward in the pros-as well as weight work. Hope they both stay over the summer.Nelson needs work on protecting the ball,passing and decision making in the lane. A deadly pull-up jumper would be awesome. Paulus will start next year and will be much better. He knows what he needs. Thomas needs a lot of time in the weight room. McClure needs to develop a 15 footer and look for his shot more. Teams play off anyone they see as not being a threat.Scheyer is a player. I expect as he gains confidence and looks for his shot more,he could be in the rafters. Pocius has come a long way. His defence is much better. He is often out of control and doesn't read his teammates well. He will get better.Henderson,as we have seen,is,and will be better.
Next year looks good. I don't know about Patterson but if McRoberts leaves,and he is "a beast" as some say,we will badly need him. If Singlar is 1/2 as good as I hope,he will get a lot of minutes next year. Remember,he is a freshman.King and Smith look to be great additions. Remember,K finds out in practice who is ready. Don't criticize him for what we don't see-practice!
My prediction-If a few things happen-Zoubec progresses,Paulus keeps improving,Monroe comes and is another Wright,Singlar is for real and Scheyer progresses-National Champs year after next.
Sorry for the length. Had to say it!