View Full Version : On Shaun Livingston

02-11-2013, 07:31 PM
Nice Grantland article on Livingston. The article is full of quotes from Duke professionals -- Brand, Grant Hill, Kyrie etc. Obviously he was never a part of the Duke family, but it is interesting how fate placed him in relationships with so many Duke players -- playing with Brand and Maggette, now backing up Irving in Cleveland. It sounds like he had a special relationship with Brand in particular. The first time I saw his injury on youtube I shouted out loud in horror...I am glad he was able to recover and still contribute to the team. In such temporal proximity to the NY Times article on Jason Williams, I thought many here would be interested to read this:


PS there is a great footnote re: Coach K, the Duke family, and where Shaun fits in. footnote 13 I think.