View Full Version : Paulus really playing well.

03-05-2007, 11:30 AM
Over his last 5 games he's averaging 18 and 4 assists a game but it's his scoring that been the most impressive.

Over those same 5 games he's only averaging 11 attempts per game.

Yes he still turns the ball over more than he should and his assisst numbers aren't anything special but consider that he is essentially playing without a legitmate low post scoring option.

How many times did UNC simply dump a quick entry pass to Hansbrough or Wright fo a quick two points?

Paulus simply doesn't have that luxury.

McRoberts struggles to get post position and Thomas and McClure are simply not viable options leaving Paulus with limited options for easy inside buckets.

His TO's are a result of forcing the action (mainly to McRoberts) and if he had more viable low post options his TO's would decline dramatically.

But it's his scoring that has been amazing lately....his baseline fade away over Wright.......amazing.

His three point shot is around 50% and his mid-range shot is starting to really come around as well.

Late in the UNC game he really showed off some impressive skill........he made sevral nice crossovers to get into the lane for his jumper........he also had some nice behind the back dribbles to free himself for his jumper.

His release on his jumper is unbeleievably quick and for all the talk of his lack of athleticism it's that skill that helps him out the most.

He's actually really strating to remind me of Gerry McNamarra from Syracuse.

I'm really hoping that he starts to try to put this team on his back and stop forcing the action to McRoberts.....rather I would have him take 15-20 FG attempts per game because they way he is shooting right now he could really be a hot player come tourney time and for next season.

And for those who think he'll be fighting with Nolan Smith for his job next year..........NO chance......once Paulus hits the weights this summer he'll be a complete player come next year.

03-05-2007, 11:37 AM
Paulus is shooting the ball well - really well - which is an important part of the game, but not the only part.

03-05-2007, 11:45 AM
I also think he has been playing really well.

This might be totally out there due to my general lack of basketball IQ, but Paulus might do really well if he's transitioned to SG over the course of next season if he continues to play like he has been. He has shown great court vision in the past and can certainly make some of the incredible assists we have seen from him in the past from that position. If he's not the guy who has to bring the ball up against the defense, he could more actively scan the frontcourt for developing plays. He would also be free to try and get some screens or set up his own shot if he isn't holding the ball and facing pressure as soon as he gets over the time line (I think the use of the weave helps him in this regard, although I didn't see much of it yesterday).

If some of the ball pressure is taken off of him, I think we would see the old Paulus assists start to reappear with far fewer turnovers, and with his developing shot he could be a double threat (shoot or assist) whenever he touched the ball.

I could be way off on that idea, and maybe the solution is for him to develop his PG skill a little more, but either way I agree that he's a great asset to the team, and should definitely be on the floor to lead the team.

03-05-2007, 12:35 PM
i agree with Dukelion on the idea that Paulus' assists are largely reduced b/c he has NO ONE to pass the ball to for scores. As an addition to this, he could probably create more of the assist opps if he was more proficient at beating the defender, although he did get free in the lane a few times against UNC. I also agree that his TOs are up b/c he is trying too hard to get the ball to people. Maybe if he started shooting more, like the 20 shots/game as suggested, would make those passing opps more available. As Paulus becomes more prolific as a scorer teams will have to relax their D on someone else. However, except for Henderson (who won't be available against NCSU) no one else is really picking up their O to complement Paulus. So unless someone else also steps up, why would the D change their approach to Paulus ie., if Pualus scores 35 yet no one else does much you can still beat Duke. I would think that way now if i were coaching against Duke. Also, as Duke's only legit ball-handler (Scheyer is not a legit ball-handler, competent maybe) Duke's O is soooo much more fluid with him running the show. It's hard to imagine this Duke squad as it is now doing much post-season damage w/o a) a solid 2nd option for running the team b) an established post game or c) multiple scoring options on O. Let's hope these guys finish the year strong and then take full advantage of the off-season to hone their games and/or get stronger. The incoming Fr. class should help but, as with this year's class they'll only be Fr. and will not be the cure-all for this team if the current roster does not improve in and of itself.

03-05-2007, 12:38 PM
I agree 100% - Paulus could be Duke's MVP this year.

Without him, no way Duke wins those 4 straight in Feb.

03-05-2007, 12:49 PM
yea, i agree UGA. Paulus coudn't really go to the 2 guard spot because we've got nobody else to go 1. i think paulus is really starting to turn into one of k's special players. from the very start k has said that there's something special about paulus and i think he's finally emerging. he's a good leader, and some of his shots yesterday were just huge. he just doesn't miss when it's a big shot. he just doesnt.