View Full Version : The Most Round About Duke Curse Ever?

09-30-2010, 06:31 AM
I know its tricky but hear me out....

Former Michigan St. star Jay Vincent (79') pleaded guilty to Federal fraud and tax charges Tues.


This curse sure is an odd beast, but here goes...

Michigan St. won the 1979 NCAA Championship largely thanks to Magic Johnson, but Jay Vincent was a key cog in their victory over Larry Bird and Indiana St. (The game to this day remains the highest rated televised college basketball game ever, but I digress).


I told you this was round about right?

In this tournament:

- #2 Duke lost to #10 St. Johns in the second round.
- #1 UNC lost to #9 Penn in the second round
- Penn beat St. Johns in the Elite Eight
- Michigan St. beat Penn in the Final Four

So, not exactly a direct link there but hopefully you get the idea:D This may well be the first and only documentation of a Duke and UNC curse collaboration (blech, that tasted bad).

Also, if I may digress a little more, some familiar names looking back at the head coaches in the 1979 tourny.

Duke - Bill Foster
UNC - Dean Smith
Georgetown - John Thompson
Iona - Jim Valvano
Notre Dame - Digger Phelps
Syracuse - Jim Boeheim
Applachian St. - Bobby Cremins
Arkansas - Eddie Sutton

I apologize to anyone who may have read this with a serious tone but geez...How much longer til we get our college basketball back?:confused: I'm clearly in withdrawals.