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Lord Ash
08-21-2010, 12:07 AM
So I am sure everyone has found this site...

The NCAA Vault (http://vault.ncaa.com/)

The NCAA has put online every Sweet 16 game and later since 2000, and I've been watching one of them before bed each night for the last few nights. I just grab the wifes mac, snuggle into bed next to her with the light off, throw on the awesome headphones that are so huge I cannot wear them in public, and watch!

So far I've gotten through only a few... I just watched the 2001 UCLA game, and it was really a trip to see some of the players I had totally forgotten about (like Ryan Bailey... remember him?!) That Duke team was really phenomenal... Casey stepped up in SUCH a huge way that year, but man... 'Los was a BEAST. 6'9, 270 frikking lbs?! That is like two Jon Hensons! Also seeing a freshmen President-Obama's-Bodyman is a lot of fun... and of course watching JWill and Shane is just surreal.

I also watched the WVU game from this year two nights ago, and was really struck by how darn well WVU played! They were hitting everything they threw up there, and those three EARLY blocks made me SO nervous about going inside against them...

Anyway, I've avoided the non-title NCAA tourney games so far (figured I would start with the ones with happy ending) but are there any that stick out that folks would recommend for the next evening or two? No heartbreakers allowed, obviously!

Man, the season cannot come soon enough. When do we get to take another "abroad" trip and start our basketball season in early August like UNC and Kentucky did this year?!:)

08-21-2010, 04:53 AM
Thank you SO much for this incredible discovery. The only problem is, I will now squander the entire weekend watching Duke's NCAA games :D . I just "re-watched" this year's incredible WVU semifinal -- a crushing victory against an excellent team that was highly reputed -- and it was simply great . . . all the enjoyment coupled with no anxiety. Again, my sincere appreciation to you for sharing this information.

08-21-2010, 09:28 AM
I just watched the 2001 Maryland game... man what a comeback! Of course, not even the best comeback against Maryland that season, but still a fun game.

I've heard several people ask when is it going to be Duke's turn to play some international games again, but I've got to question how Duke would do that? Duke's coaching staff is kind of busy right now. Go Team USA!

08-21-2010, 11:28 AM
Still breaks my heart, had forgotten how bad the officiating was. Boozer was definitely fouled at the end although had JWill made the free throw (or we had made more as a team) we probably would have gone on to another title:mad: I tend to to take blow out loss (villanova) a lot better than the come from behind losses ala Kentucky 98?, indiana 02, UConn 04. If we win those games the championship is ours in my opinion.