View Full Version : Anyone know a good surgeon?

05-29-2007, 07:04 PM
As many of you know, I spend a good deal of my free time working with Medical Ministry International (http://www.mmint.org) in an attempt to help them provide medical care to the less fortunate in third world countries such as Bolivia. Many of the DBR faithful have bid on basketball tickets via my website (http://www.bluehealers.org) and have thus helped raise money towards these efforts. The project in Bolivia in which I will be participating as medical director and anesthesiologist is coming up shortly (we're leaving June 15th).

Unfortunately, I recently learned that the surgeon who I thought would be performing many of the surgeries on the project will not be able to. I have contacted every surgeon that I know, as well as many that I don't (like the entire department at Duke), trying to find a general surgeon who could participate on short notice. I've offered to pay the project fees and airfare for any surgeon willing to give two weeks (or even one week) of their time, but have not yet succeeded. We have two gynecologists and an ENT going, any of whom could assist a general surgeon, but they could not do many of the procedures that a general surgeon can do (such as removing gall bladders). If any of you know someone who could help, it would enable us to help many more people in Bolivia. Please send me a message if you know someone.


Mike Lee, M.D.
Duke Engineering '91