View Full Version : Charting Duke vs. Baylor (NCAA Tournament)

03-29-2010, 01:04 AM
I haven't really chimed in anywhere, so I might as well start this thread with something I've been waiting to say for a while: FINAL FOUR, BABY! OK, enough of that, we still have work to do -- including me with the charting info. I thought there were a few interesting subplots in the stats below. First, despite Singler's early foul trouble, Duke held its own without him in the game, outscoring Baylor by a point.

Secondly, I'd mentioned a couple of times lately that it's almost as if K had forgotten that he can play Thomas and Miles together (or that they started most of the season together) or even Zoubek and Mason as a pair. Well, foul trouble forced K's hand a little bit, and the Thomas/Miles combo really performed well. I thought -- especially in the first half -- the Plumlees looked better suited to execute against the zone, but they still don't understand how to play team defense like Brian and Lance (even though Brian and Lance weren't as good as usual on D against Baylor; nor was Duke's team D). In situations like that, there's no reason why K can't play one Plumlee with one vet. Just something to think about going forward.

Thirdly, the starters were outscored in four of their first five stints, with the exception of a brief, 2-0 "spurt" in the middle of the second half. But they really rallied late, going on a 10-3 run during their last session in the game as a group. I suppose we can chalk that up to veteran play, right?

Fourthly, I was actually surprised to see the small lineup (with Singler at the 4) did so poorly, given the fact that Andre's two 3s were huge in the first half and Singler seemed perfectly suited to handle that wide gap at the foul line. But in a game where Duke had trouble to play its usual defense, that group wasn't well-suited to handle Baylor's size, I suppose. And even though we went through a stretch of missing a bunch of field goals, I never felt as if Duke were having trouble getting good shots against the zone. So, I guess, even though I was calling for the small lineup while watching in the second half, in retrospect K was right to stay big.

And, finally, it's nice to see how close (with the exception of Dawkins, who still provided a major contribution) everyone else was in terms of plus/minus. Everyone was positive, and all the bigs contributed. What a great win; what a great day.
Anyway, on to the numbers ...

Jon Scheyer 78-71 (+7)
Nolan Smith 78-71 (+7)
Kyle Singler 67-61 (+6)
Lance Thomas 49-42 (+7)
Brian Zoubek 38-37 (+1)
Miles Plumlee 34-27 (+7)
Mason Plumlee 26-22 (+4)
Andre Dawkins 20-24 (-4)

Per 40 Minutes
Lance Thomas +14.7
Miles Plumlee +14
Mason Plumlee +10.7
Kyle Singler +7.1
Jon Scheyer +7
Nolan Smith +7
Brian Zoubek +2.1
Andre Dawkins -12.3

Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Thomas-Miles (x4) 12-5 (+7)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Thomas-Zoubek (x6) 28-25 (+3)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Mason-Miles (x4) 13-11 (+2)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Mason-Miles (x2) 6-4 (+2)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Mason-Zoubek 2-1 (+1)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Thomas-Miles 0-0 (+0)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Mason-Zoubek (x2) 5-6 (-1)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Thomas 6-7 (-1)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Thomas-Zoubek (x2) 3-5 (-2)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Miles 3-7 (-4)