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05-14-2007, 01:03 AM
Saw a sneak preview of ‘Waitress’ this afternoon. Trying to avoid spoilers, let me say that this was a very enjoyable movie. It’s formulaic, but that is easily overcome by the truly likeable characters. Even the villain, while deliberately not likeable, is well played by ‘Kidnapped’ tough guy, Jeremy Sisto. He plays a despicable wife abuser (not wife beater, as my son pointed out).

The star, of course, is Keri Russell who is wonderful as the only specially gifted character in the movie. She’s a pie maker extraordinaire. But she’s married to Sisto’s Earl and the movie issue is, how does she extricate herself?

Her fellow waitresses are Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelley. Shelley, who was tragically murdered during post-production, serves three roles, actress, screenwriter and director. The buzz about her as a lost talent is certainly deserved. For a first film, she did an extremely nice job in all three parts. One of the gift bags given we sneakers included material about the foundation set up in her name by her husband. It also included free lipstick for the ladies, and lipstick is a delightful component of the film.

The trailer already reveals that she is pregnant with a child she doesn’t think she should have, given the state of her marriage. As she works through the problem with her friends and her doctor, new possibilities seem to present themselves. And, for friends of Andy Griffith, there is much to like in his codgerly presentation here.

This is family entertainment, but I would not recommend it for pre-teens. It’s funny and insightful. All in all, a good investment of a few hours. Pretty satisfying.

Shelley’s death is sad for the industry, indeed. She obviously had more to give.

05-14-2007, 02:58 PM
Sisto is related to a close family friends and is, by all accounts, an all-around great guy in addition to being a solid journeyman actor. I thought he did a nice job in the adaptation of one of my favorite Stephen King stories "The Fifth Quarter" for the Nightmares & Dreamscapes series (although the family was more excited when he got the role of Caesar in the TNT (or was it TBS?) Mini).

05-14-2007, 03:30 PM
I've heard good things about "Waitress." It's too bad that the story of the murder has overshadowed the film.

Another screener that I've seen recently and highly recommend is "Once." It's a movie about a Dublin street musician and a woman he meets who inspires him to create more music and reevaluate his life. It stars Glen Hansard, who is the lead singer of the band The Frames, and Marketa Irglova, his sometime collaborator. The soundtrack is also really great.