View Full Version : Charting Duke vs. Miami

02-17-2010, 11:10 PM
So, this hasn't been nearly as interesting a season in plus/minus land, particularly in ACC games, because the team's lack of perimeter depth has limited lineup combinations. But with Scheyer in some first half foul trouble, that changed against Miami. And there were also a couple of other stark developments for the first time in a while.

The biggest? Lance Thomas. On a quiet night, he was +19. Wow! He was only part of one negative lineup, and it was while Dawkins was in for Smith. Every lineup that featured the 3 S's and Thomas was positive, no matter who was playing the 5. And that's interesting, because as well as Zoubek played, he was only +6.

On the other end of the spectrum, I didn't think Mason Plumlee played particularly well (other than that Duke), including another one of those passes he forces from the top of the key. The plus/minus stats back that up -- he was -9.

Finally, it was cool that Coach K tried a ton of lineup combinations in the first half when things weren't going well. He went really small, he went with just about ever 4/5 pairing he could think of, he gave Dawkins a ton of minutes, etc. But when it was time to get things in order after halftime, his new starting lineup was back out there -- three seniors and two juniors. And they played like experienced guys with something to prove. And K rode them with a shorter bench in the second half to a big win. So, nice tinkering by Coach K, and nice willingness to stick with what was working once a combination arose.

Anyway, on to the numbers ...

Lance Thomas 66-47 (+19)
Jon Scheyer 72-62 (+10)
Nolan Smith 79-70 (+9)
Kyle Singler 81-74 (+7)
Brian Zoubek 59-53 (+6)
Ryan Kelly 6-5 (+1)
Miles Plumlee 10-12 (-2)
Andre Dawkins 19-25 (-6)
Mason Plumlee 13-22 (-9)

Per 40 Minutes
Lance Thomas +29.2
Jon Scheyer +11.8
Ryan Kelly +10
Nolan Smith +9.2
Kyle Singler +7
Brian Zoubek +8.3
Miles Plumlee -13.3
Andre Dawkins -21.8
Mason Plumlee -32.7

Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Thomas-Zoubek (x4) 51-37 (+14)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Thomas-Mason 4-0 (+4)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Thomas-Miles 3-0 (+3)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Kelly-Zoubek 2-0 (+2)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Thomas (x2) 8-7 (+1)
Scheyer-Dawkins-Singler-Kelly-Zoubek 2-1 (+1)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Mason-Zoubek 2-2 (+0)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Thomas-Zoubek 0-0 (+0)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Mason-Miles 5-6 (-1)
Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Kelly-Zoubek 2-4 (-2)
Scheyer-Smith-Dawkins-Singler-Mason 0-2 (-2)
Scheyer-Dawkins-Singler-Thomas-Zoubek 0-3 (-3)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Mason-Miles (x2) 2-6 (-4)
Scheyer-Smith-Singler-Mason-Zoubek (x2) 0-6 (-6)