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02-10-2010, 10:23 AM
A week ago, there was a thread on the top players in the ACC at the mid-point of the season. It got me thinking that 5 of the top 6 payers, IMO, were not highly ranked coming into the ACC. My view of the top ACC players so far this season is below along with their associated ranking based on one of the majors ranking sites.

In my view, the top five players so far in ACC play are

Landesberg (66)
Vasquez (46)
Scheyer (71)
Delaney (89)
Aminu (7)

Players who will get serious consideration for All-ACC for their ACC play are

Booker (NR)
The Smith boys - Nolan (39), Ish (128) and Tracy (47)
Singler (5)
Shumpert (39)
Singleton (12)
Davis (15)

Different folks would draw different conclusions from the above:
The top players have left the league early and the top players remaining are the good college players who have stuck around and gained experience.
Except for identifying the very top players, the recruiting gurus are not great at identifying good college players (perhaps because they use some of the same criteria as pro scouts)
The ACC is down this year because there are very few experienced players who are potential NBA players.

While looking up the rankings of these players, I noted the following sophs seniors who were highly rated (top 25) but have not yet broken out:

Walker (17)
Woods (20)
Jones (23)
Zoubek (24)

The top freshmen this season is clearly Favors (3) while the only other freshmen who are starting are Williams (85), Udofia (32), Howell (61), Wood (133), and Evans (NR). Highly rated youngsters such as Henson (5), Snaer (7), Kelly (20) and Jennings (25) need more time to acclimate to the college game although Snaer appears to be coming on strong.

Just some thoughts while Im downloading some large files.


02-10-2010, 10:36 AM
Interesting analysis and I generally agree with your conclusion that recruiting rankings frequently rank based on NBA potential and not college potential. Some times they are similar but often they are rather different.

One quibble on Scheyer's ranking though. You used the Rivals numbers in your rankings. They had Jon WAY lower (71) than the other services. His RSCI ranking (http://rscihoops.com/) was 28 and the other 4 main rankers had him between 13-23.

02-10-2010, 12:16 PM
I don't think the rankings are that inaccurate. All but two of the guys you listed were in the top 100. There are a lot of players, and only some of them go to ACC schools. Let's say that 1/4 of the top 100 high school seniors go to the ACC. This means that in an ideal world the top 10 players in the ACC would have been ranked between 1 and 40. Toss in the early departure factor that you mentioned and it seems fair that the all-ACC team would have rankings betwen 1 and 100.

Booker is really the only guy that stands out IMO.