View Full Version : Survivor last night

05-04-2007, 03:02 PM
They did a good job of pretending to create uncertainty, but the notion that 4 people would turn on Yao and Earl was crazy in my mind. The problem is, to vote with Alex you had to alienate a bunch of people in your alliance. Plus, the jury is full of Alex allies at this point. If Alex could find a way to get to the final vote, he would win, for sure. He had to go and I find it funny that Dreamz was taking him seriously in the "vote out Yao" talk.

I find it interesting that they have shown us so little of Earl attempting to find the hidden idol around camp. I bet that turns into a plot device this next week. I suspect that Earl knows where it is after getting 2 clues.

Yao was dead on target in wanting to bring Boo and/or Stacy with him and Earl into the final 4 (I think he was really talking about the final 3). Cassandra and Dreamz are an unbreakable team, I think. It will be interesting if everyone in the alliance can hold it together and not turn on each other and just vote out the most disliked person, Boo.

Yeah, right!!!

-Jason "Yao has been stunningly successful in challenges lately-- if he makes the finals, I think he wins" Evans