View Full Version : Any Duke Players Invited to Try Out for USA Teams

05-03-2007, 07:25 AM
In July, usabasketball will field teams in the U19 World Championship and the Pan American Games. I would think that Singler is a candidate for the U19 team and that Paulus and Nelson might be asked to try out for the Pan American team. I presume that the tryouts will be later this month or in early June. Redick, JWill and others have taken part on these summer USA teams in the recent past and Wojo has been on the selection committee. Any word on current players being invited?


05-03-2007, 07:53 AM
This doesn't deal with the US19 World Championships, but, as long as we are discussing USA Basketball, will JJ still be eligible to make run at playing in the Olympics now that he is healthy again? I understand that this seems to be a long shot considering JJ didn't see much floor time this past NBA season (he was royally screwed, by the way), but I still think he could do wonders for Team USA's outside shooting, which has been horrible in years past.

I'd love to see this happen, but I doubt it will. Anyone have any thoughts on whether this could happen or not?

(And, on a side note, I wouldn't mind seeing Uncle Reg come out of retirement for the '08 games. That is , of course, Reggie Miller to non-Pacer fans. He's the greatest three-point shooter the NBA has ever seen, and I know he is more than capable of still producing. I'd love to watch him and JJ fill up the perimeter. That would be a match made in hoops heaven:))

05-03-2007, 10:07 AM
I remember seeing a quote from JJ somewhere that he planned to play in the Orlando Magic summer league, and then try out for the USA team. But I am old and could be wrong!

05-03-2007, 05:39 PM
^^Well, I hope your memory is still alive and kickin' :) That would great to have JJ playing for Team USA. I'd then have a whole new team to stalk lol, which would then mean a brand new collection of game tapes to add to my library. I'm getting excited already!!!