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05-02-2007, 12:35 AM
Not much to say other than Blake's performance may have been the best in the history of American Idol. Yeah, I am prone to exaggeration, but that was as unique and daring as anything we have ever seen on the show. It was also amazing to watch and listen to. I rewatched it 3 times!!

Yes, Melinda is a better singer. Probably Jordin too (though I felt she stunk tonight). But Blake's performance tonight as far and away the most memorable thing we have seen on the show.

For a while I have wondered when he would bring out the beatboxing again. I think he knows that if he uses it too much, it loses some of its appeal and he gets labelled as a gimmick singer. So, he held off for a few weeks when he knew he could get by on pure singing. This week, with 2 people slated to be voted out, he brought it back and HIT A HOMERUN!!

Wow, I just cannot get over how amazing that was.

Remember that this week gets combined with last week. That's why I think Lakisha is in real trouble. Her performance this week was not good enough to make up for a so-so showing last week. Same with Chris Richardson. Those two are my picks to be voted out. I won't be shocked to see Melinda in the bottom 3 with them, though I think Phil is more likely to be there.

Jordin, who just pwned last week's show, and Blake are certainly safe this week.

-Jason "I would buy a Blake album without knowing anything about it at this point-- he is going to be a huge star" Evans

05-02-2007, 12:54 AM
Why are we posting about Idol when we could be buying online drugs!?!

Blake and Melinda I bet are safe. Can't decide which 2 of the other 4 will go.

Blake and Melinda sure feel like the final 2 at this point as well. Wouldn't mind seeing either one win and let's face it, winning doesn't really matter once you get to the final 3 or 4. Even 6th place Kellie Pickler got to record an album. And come back and sing, looking like she'd been placed in an aging machine.

Whenever I say my husband and I have the same strange sense of humor I use this joke as an example. Did you know that Bon Jovi is French for good Jovi? I still find that funny. When hubby asked how Idol was tonight. I said, "Jordin, not so good Jovi". Everybody else, surprisingly competent or better. Chris pulled one out of I don't know where in that he didn't suck and I was expecting some major sucking. Phil too really.

05-02-2007, 09:10 AM
Ok, even if you are not an Idol fan, please watch this video of Blake's performance last night:


This kid is talented!!

Most of Idol is just really good karaoke (and sometimes really bad karaoke). Not Blake. That is a performance.

I give Melinda credit for being more than karaoke too because she tends to pick slightly less popular songs so we do not have a defined view of them. Her interpretation of the song becomes that song. But for Blake to put a new spin on a song everyone already knows... wow!!

-Jason "for a long time I thought he might win because Melinda had no personality even though she was a better singer-- now I am thiking Blake wins because he is a better performer" Evans

Olympic Fan
05-02-2007, 11:52 AM
This is the first year I've really watched Idol .... other than some of the earlier audition shows -- I loved seeing Simon rip some of the lousy singers who tried out. But once it got down to the final 24, I'd move on ... I agree with Jason that most of what I've seen in the past was mediocre karaoke.

I don't think the singing is any better this year, but somehow I've gotten hooked. As I've watched the finalists cut from 24 to 6, the thing that struck me was how the competition changes. This year, in the first couple of weeks, I thought Melinda and Lakisha were the two early frontrunners.

Then, in about week four (I can't remember the exact performance), Jordin knocked one out of the park and clearly established herself as a contender. She kept getting better and better, peaking with a great performance last week.

At the same time, Lakisha strug together a string of terrible, one-note performances and to my mind, dropped out of contention.

I agree that Blake hit a home run Tuesday night. Amazing performance. For the first time, I can look at him as a contender.

At the same time, Jordin had a real stinker of an outing and Laksiha had her best performance in a month. Phil was decent and Melinda, far and away the most consistent singer this year, was solid.

It will be interesting to see the vote tonight. I'm not sure how the dynamic will work. Do I understand this right -- they are going to add the votes from last week and this week, then eliminate the lowest two?

I thought Jordin deserved to be the top vote getter a week ago (great performance of Rodgers' You'll Never Walk Alone) and the bottom vote getter this week ... how will that average out? Lakisha was probably the weakest a week ago, but was very solid this time.

Part of the dynamic -- last week was the highest voting total in their history ... will this week be less and thus make last week's performance more important?

All interesting stuff.

PS My guess is that Chris and Lakisha are eliminated tonight.

oso diablo
05-02-2007, 05:10 PM
Not much to say other than Blake's performance may have been the best in the history of American Idol. Yeah, I am prone to exaggeration, but that was as unique and daring as anything we have ever seen on the show. It was also amazing to watch and listen to. I rewatched it 3 times!!
similar for me. first time i've ever rewound to watch something a 2nd time.

P.S. I liked Simon's comment to Chris - "you sang that about as well as you could."

mr. synellinden
05-02-2007, 05:26 PM
I have been touting Jordin the last few weeks as my personal favorite and the one I thought was most likely to win, but now I think Blake might have moved ahead of her (on both counts).

I too watched it three times last night - and again this morning - and again when JE posted the you tube link. That was simply the most outstanding, original and entertaining performance I've seen on AI (in any season). I have now said that twice about Blake (also felt that way about Time of the Season - this was even better) and that's why I think he should win.

As technically gifted as Melinda may be - she never has the "wow, that was something I would pay to see again" effect on me. Jordin is much more commercial and nearly as talented as Melinda but she doesn't have the uniqueness and originality of Blake (although I have re-watched a few of her performances, including last week's). Actually, nobody in the history of AI has that uniqueness. I don't care that he doesn't sing as well as Melinda or Jordin. I'd also buy one of his albums in a second and the only other AI contestant I've thought that about was Chris Daughtry. So Blake may not win, but I think more than anyone, he's the one people are tuning in to see.

And I too think Lakisha and Chris are gone tonight. Phil next and then it's up for grabs among Jordin, Melinda and Blake.

Olympic Fan
05-04-2007, 02:21 PM
A little surprised to see Phil join Chris out the door ... but I suspect Lakisha is now hanging by a thread.

I think as the last male singer, Blake is in a strong position for the next couple of weeks. All the giggly teen girls who vote won't have to split their vote between Blake, Chris and the (ugh) Sanjaya.

Obviously, not having seen next week's performances, I think Lakisha is under the most pressure. After that it's tough.

I agree with mr. synellinden -- technically, Melinda is probably the best singer, but there's no "wow!" factor there. I don't see star quality. So obviously, I think it comes down to Jordin and Blake ... for now, I'd guess Jordin, but a couple of more weeks like this one (when Blake was great and Jordin mediocre) and that could change.

05-05-2007, 12:48 AM
Okay, so I am a Blake contrarian... sue me, lol! Can you say "one trick pony???" Take away the beatbox stuff and he has a fairly weak, disposable voice... and, in the recording studio, he won't be "mouthing" the percussive parts anyway... it'll be done by someone else electronically (unless the powers that be are gonna resurrect Bobby McFarren a la "Don't Worry Be Happy").

Anyway, it was a nice performance highlighting the one thing he can do better than the others... the beatbox stuff *yawn*... as Simon keeps saying ad nauseum, it's a singing competition (not an arrangement or production competition). And, based on that criteria, Melinda or Jordin oughta win.

Olympic Fan
05-05-2007, 11:06 AM
I know Simon keeps saying it's a singing competition -- but it's not. You can't define what those millions who vote each week are voting for.

If it was all singing, no way Sanjaya -- an awful singer -- lasts as long as he did.

I don't disagree with you Edensquad, I think Blake is pretty mediocre -- although as even you seem to agree, he put his one talent (the beatboxing) to great use last week. But I totally agree that he's the weakest singer left and he was in fact a weaker singer that Chris or Phil.

But I think his survival indicates that it's a performance competition, not a singing competition. Yes, singing ability is part of that performance, but there's a lot more to it.

That's why I think Blake has a good chance to outlast Melinda. She's far and away a better singer, but 1) as the last male (and one that the teen girls who are the largest voting block seem to think of as "cute"; 2) a strong performance hook ... he'll outlast a better singer with little presence on the stage, who will be outshined by Jordin, who sings almost as well and brings more energy. My guess for the final cuts:

-- Lakisha next
-- Melinda next
-- Blake next to last
-- Jordin wins

05-05-2007, 11:35 AM
I don't know why everybody dismisses Melinda's performance ability. I, for one, find her fun to watch. I prefer her to either Jordin or Lakisha. Jordin is best when she stands still. Great! And Lakisha can get a dead eyes look. Melinda always connects to the song, IMHO, always. And she just has professional written all over her. Blake, much as I like him, has not connected to a couple of songs, 'When the Stars Go Blue' comes to mind. Melinda? Rocked a country song. And out performed Blake that week.

Blake and Melinda are my final two and between them, I don't care who actually wins. It doesn't matter at that point anyway.

05-05-2007, 04:49 PM
Olympic, I wonder how much Howard Stern and votefortheworst.com had to do with Sanjaya hanging around?? It sure wasn't his singing... great example why I would never venture a guess as to how folks will vote... only how they "oughta vote," if I were king.

IMHO, Melinda is far and away the best singer. Jordin may have more of a star look...and she is also a fine vocalist. But, it is so hard to predict who will hit big... anyone still have "McPheever" from last season?? Didn't think so, lol.

05-06-2007, 07:11 PM
What kind of career do you think the final four candidates will have?

In my opinion Melinda is the best singer but don't see her as a success. Maybe on Broadway in specialized parts. Jordin maybe. Lakisha and Blake no.

Your take