View Full Version : KY Derby Advice (May 5th)

04-30-2007, 10:49 AM
Anyone with Derby experience or insight?

A number of friends and I have rented an RV for a road trip down to the Derby for a Bachelor party.

We will be leaving from Detroit and arriving in Louisville Friday night.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on:

1) RV/Motorhome parking? …cost? (I have heard the state fairgrounds/expo center is reasonably priced and a good time)
2) Entertainment in the area (for Cinco De Mayo and the Fight on Saturday)
3) Alcohol situation in the infield (apparently you are patted down before entry)
4) Anything that is a “can’t miss”….(liquor/mint julep vendors, BBQ joints,hot spots)
5) Betting!!!
6) How to get an audio clip of the Laettner shot for my IPOD….

Clearly, we will be flying the Duke flag as most of us are 2003 graduates.
Any and all advice would be much appreciated….we are really looking forward to the trip!