View Full Version : How To Join (Or Not Join) This Board

04-30-2007, 01:59 AM
As you guys probably have noticed, we've been dealing with a ton of spam issues. In order to get it further under control, if you are registering with the board, here's how you can expedite things:

1) don't use a secondary e-mail address (i.e., hotmail). We don't sell them or anything like that, so it's perfectly okay and better to use your real address.
2) after you register, take a few seconds and shoot us an e-mail. That'll confirm that you are a real person, and we'll add you as soon as possible.

3) there is a pattern of odd user names from bots. If you wish to have no vowels in your user name, well okay. But we'll need to hear from you to sign off on that.

In a somewhat related note, we are growing increasingly skeptical about the many registrations coming from sites which are cyrillic-based. We're sure we could have a few users coming from Russia or what-not, but the odds that many of them come from sites which push spam or porn are not so great. And that's what many of them seem to be doing. So if you have a domain which uses the cyrillic alphabet, please let us know.