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11-20-2009, 12:49 AM
Speaking of his halftime speech during tonight's squeeker with 15th ranked Ohio State, Good Ol Roy speaking of Ginyard said, I chewed his rear end out probably the hardest Ive ever got on him, Williams said of the fifth-year senior. If Im going to chew him out, it scares the dickens out of the rest of the team. Hes one of my pets.

Could the hick have been more colloquial, good ol boy than "chewed his rear end out" and "scares the dickens"? I guess they had possum for a midnight snack when they retured to Chapel Hill . . . the only thing missing is Jed Clampet as an assistant coach and Ellie May as a cheerleader. Who in 2009 refers to a human being as a "pet"?

Geeze! Win or lose, at least Coach K doesn't speak in colloquialisms with the home spun drawl of an N.C. hillbilly (does anyone know if hillbilly is one word or two? It's not a word I've used or been exposed to at Duke) Also, does anyone know what a "dickens" is and how it could be scared? Is it like a demon or something . . . please advise, I'm baffled? Must be some N.C. mountain lore we've never experienced?

11-20-2009, 01:06 AM
Ehh. I dislike Roy and agree he's over the top at times, but I don't really appreciate the tone of your post. I personally love the south and NC in general, and if you go to Duke you should respect the culture of the region.

Honestly, I wish Duke had stayed truer to its "Harvard of the South" roots than it has. Please don't feed the New Jersey stereotype more than it has already been fed...

11-20-2009, 01:28 AM
And people wonder how Duke kids got a bad rep? And why so much of the rest of the state think Duke students are mostly stuck up kids from the northeast? Seriously, as a North Carolinian and 3rd-generation Duke grad, that's just incredibly insulting.

Reading that in fact almost makes *me* hate Duke students, because you're certainly not the first one with that attitude I've met. Fortunately, you're the minority, and I know that. All the students and fans from other schools reading your post (9f, btw!) just come away more secure in their knowledge that duke students are stuck up rich kids who hate NC. I don't think most Duke students realize that there are ANY locals who didn't attend Duke and are Duke fans, but there are.

Since you seem to honestly profess ignorance of the expression "scared the dickens out of," I suggest you try googling it. Or reading Shakespeare, either way. And regarding "pet," you've never heard of e.g. a teacher's pet?

You know, rereading the post, I think I may have been suckered by a troll...the post seems too contrived and ignorant to be real, but I guess I will post this anyway...

11-20-2009, 01:59 AM
I became a Duke fan by birth and I'm a southerner!!!! and very proud of it!!!! I did however major in English and and speak the language with some degree of eloquence (can even read and write) and don't appreciate it when one of my fellow NC southerners comes on with this hokie, good ol boy drawl that makes the rest of us NC born and bread proud southerners sound STUPID and ignorant. His manner of speech is pretentious and fake sounding because he lays it on way too thick than is real for any human, southern or not.

Bob Green
11-20-2009, 03:31 AM
The tone of this thread is not consistent with DBR's value system so it is closed. There is no reason to be rude toward our rivals.