View Full Version : College FB Helmet-to-Helmet point of emphasis

09-19-2009, 10:15 PM
Last night (Friday), I was watching what I can only describe as a miracle. Boise State was leading with their helmets on every tackle, going after knees (twice), heads (three times), pretty much anything in red. If their coaches don't do something, someone will be paralyzed -- or at least severely injured.

Given that the ONE point of emphasis I've heard ESPN / ABC announcers talk about this year is "helmet to helmet contact," I find it quite amusing that on consecutive nights (Boise State game, Texas game), there have been some awfully hard helmet to helmet hits that have dislodged the quarterbacks' helmets -- with no flag.

Then, throw in the Minnesota / Cal game where a receiver needed stitches in his face, the Florida game where a UT safety actually hurt himself trying to pound the receiver in the end zone, and a plethora of other tackles where the cornerbacks / safeties clearly went in helmet first, and it's pretty clear that the football referees are ignoring the point of emphasis.

Hopefully, they'll do the same this year in basketball (ignore the point of emphasis) and this new "automatic" foul when trying to take a charge under the basket won't result in Duke not being able to play Duke defense.

09-20-2009, 08:33 AM
It is interesting you should mention "helmet contact;" last night's Texas Tech - UT Austin game seemed (I certainly have no statistics or analysis to substantiate this) to have an unusual amount of "helmet contact," especially in the third quarter and against Texas Tech (and I say this as a UT Austin support -- our oldest daughter did her undergraduate work there).