View Full Version : Charting Duke vs. Virginia Tech (II)

03-01-2009, 05:29 PM
The most interesting stat from the game at VT -- by far -- was Lance Thomas' plus/minus. He was extremely quiet during the game, but apparently Duke did quite well when he was on the floor. That's nice to see. Duke also did quite well when Singler sat with foul trouble, as they outscored VT by seven with McClure in his place. That's another good sign. Anyway, on to the numbers ...

Lance Thomas 50-39 (+11)
Elliot Williams 61-51 (+10)
Gerald Henderson 70-61 (+9)
Jon Scheyer 72-65 (+7)
Kyle Singler 57-56 (+1)
David McClure 34-34 (0)
Brian Zoubek 2-3 (-1)
Greg Paulus 14-16 (-2)

Per 40 Minutes
Lance Thomas +20
Elliot Williams +12.1
Gerald Henderson +10.3
Jon Scheyer +7.2
Kyle Singler +1.3
David McClure 0
Greg Paulus -7.3
Brian Zoubek -8

Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-Singler-Thomas (x3) 28-21 (+7)
Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-McClure-Thomas (x3) 13-6 (+7)
Paulus-Scheyer-McClure-Thomas-Zoubek 2-0 (+2)
Paulus-Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-Singler (x3) 3-2 (+1)
Paulus-Scheyer-Henderson-McClure-Singler 2-2 (0)
Paulus-Scheyer-Williams-Singler-Zoubek 0-0 (0)
Paulus-Williams-McClure-Singler-Zoubek 0-0 (0)
Paulus-Scheyer-Henderson-Singler-Thomas 7-8 (-1)
Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-McClure-Singler (x5) 17-19 (-2)
Scheyer-Williams-Henderson-McClure-Zoubek 0-3 (-3)
Paulus-Scheyer-McClure-Singler-Thomas 0-4 (-4)

03-01-2009, 07:48 PM
Lance takes alot of heat because of stats. People assume if you have low stats you did not produce. He has had several games lately where I felt like he played really well but when I checked the box score, his points and rebounds were low.

It is obvious by the plus-minus that good things happened in the hokie game while he was in there. I do wish we would post him up more often and give him opportunities to score.

03-01-2009, 10:18 PM
Williams' numbers are also very impressive! It almost feels like statistically he's replaced the Nolan of the early part of the season.