View Full Version : "The King" Tees Off

04-06-2007, 07:37 AM
Len Shapiro, the golf writer of the Post, has a nice article on Arnie teeing off at Augusta yesterday. It sounds like he was as nervous as many of us get on the first tee. I recall the first time I saw Arnie play in person. It was in the 60's at Congressional and I was with my dad and brother. We picked a spot near one of the tees where we could see the flight of the ball and the landing area. Most of the players hit nice drives but Palmer's stood out. He hit a low hook (I don't recall the term draw being used at the time) which seemed to take off to a new height at about 150 yrds out and then hit the fairway and ran for another 30-40 yards. His record, although very good, does not rival that of Jack and Tiger but the PGA Tour and the popularity of golf would not be the same without The King.