View Full Version : Six years ago tonight

04-02-2007, 08:36 PM


04-02-2007, 08:42 PM

I want that feeling back. Plus, I need some new t shirts.

Lord Ash
04-02-2007, 08:46 PM
I love how the Duke hater posted about VCU on there, but the hate blinded them to the fact that Duke most certainly did not lose to VCU in 2006... but what can you do, idiots are allowed to breed, after all.

Duke Mom in KS
04-02-2007, 10:16 PM
Thanks, Ben. I've played this about 10 times just now. Even small and grainy, it's better than whatever is playing on television right now. I sure miss these guys. The signed team poster Dan gave his dad for Christmas 2000 is a comfort, but the video still makes me misty.

Uncle Drew
04-02-2007, 10:22 PM
While that championship did a lot to validate Duke as a power again as well as letting people know Duke was more than just Hurley, Hill and Laettner. But that was the year Duke hating became vogue so it's really bittersweet watching that video. And who would have put money that night that Boozer of all the people on the court would becaome the most dominant pro? We should have all been there that night telling J Williams, "stay away from the motorcycle'!