View Full Version : Key Sense of Perspective for Maryland Game

03-01-2007, 08:16 AM
Here's one thing to keep in mind considering last night's loss that I'm not sure has been mentioned. We lost to a Maryland team that is playing well but more importantly is led by three seniors - Ibekwe, Jones, and Strawberry. By comparison, we're being led by two sophmores and a junior.

Greg, Josh, and DeMarcus are certainly capable, but they are young and not overwhelmingly talented. We've taken our bumps in what is a great conference this year; I'm convinced this team wins 10-11 in last year's ACC. I just hope that they're all back next year (JOSH) to dish out some payback.

03-01-2007, 01:04 PM
It's also worth mentioning that Mr. Vasquez happens to be 20 years old already. This isn't brought up to denigrate his performance in any way, but last night I kept being amazed by his look and maturity as a freshman and simply felt that he couldn't be an 18 year old. Anyways, I assume he lost a year somewhere along the way (perhaps in the international transition) and did begin his freshman year just a few months short of 20 years old.

He's still a few months younger than Greg Paulus and obviously has less experience in big college games so mad props to him (and he'd better bring it similarly against other teams too, not just us, or that's simply annoying!)

And Greg had a pretty excellent game last night anyways so it is not really about comparing the two. Just wanted to provide a bit more context to any noting that Maryland has a Freshman PG.

BTW, Vasquez is actually a few months older than McRob whose 20th birthday is TODAY!