View Full Version : ACC Roundup 11/18

11-18-2008, 08:05 AM
I watched part of the second half of the Virginia Tech game. Like Rhode Island, Mount St. Maryís came to play and they had a little guard who was difficult to defend. Tech appeared to be sleep walking and eventually their superior talent (Allen, Vassallo and Dulaney) won out. Thompson is hurt and didnít play for Tech. The big men that they used in his place did not impress.

Boston College won their second game. While most picked them to end up at the bottom of the ACC, they continue to have a good coach and I like the first six players they put on the floor. Rice, a legitimate 1st team All ACC and Paris start in the backcourt with Trapani, Raji and Southern in the frontcourt and Sanders off the bench along with Roche, Jackson and Ravenel. They are very young and if Southern and Ravenel can hold their own on the boards, I expect BC to exceed expectations. Trapani is a sophomore transfer from Vermont and is a nice all-around player who can hit the outside shot.


11-18-2008, 09:40 AM
Completely agree about BC. I picked them 10th, but when I realized what Trapani is bringing to the table, they are a top 6 team in the ACC.

What is going on with the Hokies? I only watched the last few minutes of the game, but it sounds as though they were down most of the game.