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mr. synellinden
03-30-2007, 02:55 PM
Good episode I thought with the alliances on both sides coming more into focus. How funny was Yau Man's reaction to finding the idol? I also loved how giddy he was at his idea to create a fake idol. This guy obviously came to play and now has a great chance to be in the final 4. More and more it is looking like Earl, Yau Man, Michelle and Cassandra.

It is pretty ironic that Rocky spent most of the last tribal council berating Anthony and calling him out for lacking poor social skills when he annoyed and alienated pretty much every person on both tribes - good riddance. Although it will be entertaining having him on the jury.

Who was it who called out "castaway" when they were trying to solve the puzzle? Until Michelle came in and straightened them out. How can you get castaway with Cannibal Isles as your letters?

I had an interesting thought. What if the merge comes in three weeks when there are 8 players left? And what if by then, Alex has found the second idol? And let's say the final 8 are Earl, Yau Man, Michelle, Cassandra, Alex, Edgardo, Dreamz and Lisi. Now let's say Dreamz flips to the Earl alliance, giving them 5-3, and they decide to vote out Alex, but he plays his idol after the vote. Then it is possible Earl could get voted out (for having the second # of votes) without getting a chance to play his idol. That is what makes having two idols so interesting. If you think you have the # advantage and therefore don't think you need to play the idol, you could be screwed by having the second number of votes.

03-31-2007, 08:02 AM
Yeah, I liked the epsiode and I am certainly liking the Earl and Yaoman pairing. One thing that confuses me is that Yao seems to think that the Idol belongs to him and that Earl has only a tangental claim to it. Dude, that idol is as much his as it is yours in my mind.

I agree that they will go far. I also think that we will see the idols get played this year because of the new rule about playing it before you collect votes. I am not sure I like that rule and I think it needs some tweaking, but it at least makes it so the idols are almost certain to get played.

If someone digs up the fake coconut idol and thinks it is real, that would be a true all-time Survivor moment-- up there with Michael Skupin killing the boar and HeiDDi and Jenna stripping for peanut butter and a couple other truly memorable Survivor events. I really want to see Probst reaction to someone playing the wrong immunity idol.

I agree that Dreamz is primed to defect to Earl and Yaoman's group. I have a hard time seeing those guys not going a long way with the idol.

Oh, one last thing-- after reading the clues Lisi seemed unsure about where the idol was burried. She had an idea, but was not certain. WOW IS SHE DUMB OR WHAT?!?!!

-Jason "did they say Rocky was on the jury? I missed that" Evans

03-31-2007, 10:31 AM
If both idols are found, they have to be played after the votes are made, but before they are read. I would think then that if one person plays the idol (and he's the one that's actually getting voted for), then the person with the other idol would play it as well.
So let's say Alex has one idol and Yau Man has the other in his pocket. Earl's alliance has the majority and votes for Alex and the minority votes for Earl. Before the votes are read, Alex pulls out his idol. Earl now knows he's in trouble, but he needs to trust Yau Man to give him the idol so he can play it as well. That's where it could get interesting.
Now, if it plays out that way and Earl and Alex both play the idols and they're the only ones voted for, they'd have to revote. Now are Earl and Alex immune from the second vote, or are they vulnerable again?