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11-05-2008, 08:54 AM
With the firing of UT's Fulmer, I decided to do a little chronological research into UT's past 15 years as it correlates with their affiliation (and lack thereof) with Cutcliffe. The results are staggering. Clearly, a strong argument can be made that it was actually Cutcliffe as opposed to Fulmer who was responsible for UT's success. Which means, perhaps, that Duke actually has one of the best head coaches in all of college football! We already know that Cutcliffe can resurrect a stagnant program as was evidenced by his tenure at Ole Miss, amid the toughest football conference in the country. Now, given the revelelation of Cut's positive impact on UT football, it will be even more interesting to see just how well he performs at Duke. We're already off to a great start! GO DUKE!!

1993: Cutcliffe promoted to OC @ UT

1992-1998: UT has record of 67-11 and wins a National Title in 1998

1998: Cutcliffe leaves UT for the Ole Miss head coaching job

1999-2005: UT's record slips to 64-32 (5-6 in 2005)

2004: Cutcliffe fired by Ole Miss after only one losing season simply because he refused to fulfill the request of the AD by firing his staff. In other words, he was looking out for his employees.

2006: Cutfliffe re-hired as OC @ UT

2006-2007: Cutcliffe revitalizes UT and helps them to a record of 19-8

2007: Cutcliffe leaves UT for Duke head coaching job

2008: So far, UT has record of 3-6

11-05-2008, 11:54 AM
Sounds good!

Of course, one could interpret things another way. Maybe Cutcliffe knows when a ship is sinking and doesn't want to drown :<).

I like your way better, though. And undoubtedly it is way closer to the truth!