View Full Version : Terp recruiting article

Capn Poptart
07-31-2008, 11:59 AM
Under the Terp recruiting article (linked on the DBR front page), in the comments section, there's the nugget below. On the one hand, a Maryland fan wrote something about Duke without using the f-word. On the other hand, he suggests that people think Maryland's recruiting woes are due to...tough academics:

"...Matt, do you think that UMD is still looked upon by recruits as an elite program? Any truth to the rumor that the academics standards have scared off many a recruit? Last time I checked, Duke and Stanford, just to name a couple, had very high academics standards as well, but their programs have been able to maintain their elite status...

Frustrated in Terpland."

Does anyone have friends that are UM fans? Is this one guy's crazy talk, or is this really a widespread perception in Terpland? The same program that finished last among all 321 Division I programs in the 2007 NCAA graduation report?