View Full Version : AAU Teams' Rosters

07-04-2008, 10:53 PM
I'm hoping some knowledgeable fan can direct me to where I can find rosters for the Nike Elite Travel Teams. The Georgia Peach Jam is July 12-15. Many outstanding high school players will be there, and the tournament is really exciting. It would be more exciting if fans could identify who the players were! It has proven almost impossible in the past to get rosters of players on the various teams, except for a few teams that have their own websites. Perhaps the brilliant DBR fans have some helpful suggestions that will enable me to find out who I'm watching! I particularly enjoy getting a look at Duke prospects to get a heads up on who's coming down the pike (e.g., Brand, Saunders, Scheyer, E. Williams - to name a few who have participated). Thanx for any help!