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    Lindsey Harding. Number Retirement?

    Lindsey Harding's great senior year--in conjunction with the undefeated season--puts her in the race for national POY. If she wins one of those npoy awards, I'd think that she would qualify, particularly if the team wins the national championship.

    If so, would this be the first time that someone went from being an excellent Duke player to a jersey retirement in the space of about 2 months?

    Or is bringing this up akin to a 'no-hitter' jinx?

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    Obviously, Lindsey needs to win one of the NPOY awards to be considered. If that happens, I think she should be seriously considered. She is the all time leader at Duke in assists and has other numbers you could argue in her case for a jersey retirement.

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    another possibility

    While she seems to be the frontrunner for National Player of the Year, Lindsey seems a lock for ACC Player of the Year, still a noteworthy accomplishment, especially when you consider the conference's strength this year (defending national champ and last year's ACCPOY-Latta-back as well). She also has the aforementioned stellar numbers in her favor. Would a national title (I know I'm putting the cart before the horse there) figure into the equation? NPOY or none, her numbers and status as the clear leader of Duke's first women's title winner would seal the deal in my eyes.

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