OK, I waited to today to post on this thread because when I noticed it I was about 8 hours from taking the redeye out of Denver. I hate flying. My dad was a test pilot in the air force so the only time I like to fly is when he's right beside me telling me everything thats going on. I've flown tons of times and every time I'm scared. I can only go for about four hours before I start to lose it.

So with that said: as we we were driving to the airport we noticed a thick trail of smoke in the sheen of the moon. A plane was landing with a engine malfunction. No word from the airport staff but I can assume thats what was happening. That sends our conversation into a five minute discussion on plane crashes. I'm starting to flip.

As we board I decide to listen to some music. I chose Bright Eye's 'I'm Wide Awake, Its Morning' which I burned from a friend and have never listened to. Go here for lyrics to 'At the Bottom of Everything' -
I kept listening to see if there was a happy ending - there wasn't.

Worst flight of my life. I'm made it through though and kissed the ILM tarmac. Earl Jam, you suck!