I heard some talking heads discussing this last night, since only 1 ACC team made the Sweet 16. I'm not all that surprised that, individually, any of Md., UVA, Va Tech, Duke, Ga Tech or BC didn't manage to win two games in the tournament. What I am a bit surprised about is that NONE of those teams managed to win twice. To be fair, the UVA, MD and Duke losses all came down to the last possession, but the league teams didn't manage to win any of those close games.

For most of the year, these teams were all pretty inconsistent (with the possible exception of BC) - they could beat or lose to anybody, and had lots of difficult-to-explain games against each other (e.g., UVA and Va Tech each routed the other at home). I'm not sure I would rank any of the 6 non-UNC teams that made the tournament in the top 16, but I think would rank all of them in the top 30. So maybe where they ended up is just about right.

I also think that the depth of the league is being shown in the NIT, where FSU, Clemson and State have played well and are still alive.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?