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    Josh Howard lights up ...

    his coach!

    Seems that Josh ignored a "no partying during the playoffs" decree and handed out flyers before Game 4 for that night's birthday bash he threw for himself.

    Coach was burned up!

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    AJ is gone anyway.

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    team wins? great team!!

    team loses? fire the coach!

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    I have no problem with the Josh Howard interview last week. Howard has long been known as an honest guy, he was asked a question and he answered it. But when he pulls stunts like this, it makes it hard to defend him.

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    One would assume that the Dallas players would be 100% focused on not ending their season in the first round of the playoffs like last year. Avery Johnson put a policy in, and Josh Howard put himself before his team. What's sad is that Johnson will probably lose his job, and Josh Howard will continue to get paid. The Mavs need an overhaul. They should have traded Dirk after last season. His trade value could not have gotten any higher. They could have landed Kobe if Dirk was a part of the trade.

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