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    In response to your suggestion....

    ....that we email the team, I took a few minutes to do that just now. I haven't posted lately so maybe I got a little long winded. But I thought I'd copy my note to them here to let you all know my feelings of late. Just for the guys all lift me up, too. Love, Ima

    To the team:

    I encountered Gerald Henderson on campus earlier this year and in passing told him that you guys lift us up. It came from my heart. I want to pass that along to the rest of you.You do, you know! The example you set for all of us this year was inspirational. I can't think of any better role models for my grandsons than you guys. Thank you.

    When many other teams lose, it's truly a tragedy for them because beating the other guy in basketball is their one and only attribute. If they fail at that, what's left? With you guys we are so proud of, it's a disappointment for sure. But, take a look at the complex and multi-talented and all 'round terrific and intelligent good guys we get to bring home on the bus win OR lose. Thank you.

    Please be reminded that many of those in your following are fighting their own frightening battles daily. The energy you give them all vicariously helps get them through their own tough times.

    When Kyle takes a hit that will require still more stitches, but bounces back up ready to go back into the fray to play rather than to retaliate, our hearts swell a little more.

    When Gerald soars, we feel it and our own feeble steps lighten a bit.

    When we look into Jon's ever-focused face and see "next play" in his positive attitude, it helps us put our troubles behind us and move forward.

    When we see a close up of DeMarcus and realize that the expression on his face never changes to reveal either glee or anger, we realize that keeping our emotions in check is vital to attaining our long term goals.

    Greg brings it. And he leaves it all out there. Many of us are in situations where nothing less will get us through. We take a little of him with us when we have to face tough odds..

    When I think of Taylor King, it's not his three point shots that cheer me so much as his enthusiasm and love of all things Cameron! You simply can't remain in your seat when he lifts his arms and asks you to support his team mates efforts! He loves everybody---all of us---and it shows!! Makes us all feel part of things and appreciated.

    To our guys who have had to hang in there through injury-laden seasons---we've watched you always keep looking for another way to contribute; doing the work behind the scenes that gets you ready for your comebacks. We've witnessed you coming back. We see you and imagine that maybe we could do that, too.

    In Nolan we see appreciation for opportunity. We see the love of learning We see the future.

    Years ago my daughter had a patient.... a 13 year old boy who had taken a bullet to the head in a drive-by. He hadn't spoken or walked since and nobody could get through to him. His idol was Grant Hill. After getting the chance to watch one game in Cameron and having one short meeting with Grant, he got out of the chair and began his real recovery.

    Never underestimate your importance to us all. Yes, you lift us up more than you know. Thank you.
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    Just sent a note of thanks to the team email link provided on the DBR front page. It was quite cathartic. Best I've felt in 48 hours. I highly recommend it.

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    Ima, and you are so right

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