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    Have not seen any Survivor posts in awhile. For some reason this season has been entertaining for me. On Wednesday the Airai lost another player, Kathy, who quit because of mental anguish. She said something that cracked my wife and I up. It was along the lines of not realizing that it rains hours at a time because they don't show that during the episode.

    Malakal lost another Immunity Challenge and voted off Tracy. But for the 2nd week in a row they tried to target Ozzie. I do not understand this strategy. It is getting close to merge time and if they get rid of their best player they are going to lose challenges worse than they are now.

    Any other thoughts from other Survivor fans about the last 2 episodes?

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    I think the targeting of the stronger players early in the game is a product of too much scheming. Everyone is trying to figure out who they will be with in the Final 3 or 4 and not thinking about who you need to get you that far. I am surprised at this considering we have nothing but real students of the game on the show this time around.

    Voting of Mikey B, Joel, and attempts to vote off Ozzy are foolish. A team's #1 goal in the game early on must be to have more players at the merge than the other team. Nothing else matters as much as that when it comes to making it late into the game. So, your first priority must be to keep your strongest players around.

    What's more, if you are one of the middle or weaker players, you want the strong folks around because they are the ones who get picked off first after the merge if your tribe is at a disadvantage. Ozzy took out Joel but that has only served to make Ozzy the guy with the target on his back. Dumb, dumb, dumb! The idea position is to be the 3rd of 4th strongest person on your team. The last thing you want to do in the early stages is to take out the strongest guys and move yourself up the totem poll.

    --Jason "more later... love my Survivor!" Evans

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    From a strategic angle I did not understand taking out Joel instead of Chet. In the Immunity challenge 2 episodes ago the Malakal tribe struggled to get one person across. The Airai tribe just used James's strength and carried the pole with the their tribe member across. I think Joel would have obviously helped in this challenge. However, Joel had a big target on his back because of how he operated before they merged the fans and favorites and it came back to bite him once there were some other personalities.

    If I am Ozzie I am trying to get rid of Cirie. She is the one responsible for voting Joel out (thanks to Erik just announcing it instead of being a little more discreet in who he told).

    It seems that there is more potential for injury this year. You had Joel dragging Chet around in the challenge a couple of week ago and I think Chet knocked his head. Penner getting a stick stuck in his leg. This week it looks like Erik might get a little dinged up during a challenge.

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