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    Wheat/"/"/"...Fantasy Fishing, win big $

    Hey all...
    Great season for your boy's, look forward to the rubber match!
    I wanted to let all my friends here know about The Fantasy Bass Fishing game going on.

    Sorry couldn't get the link added for some reason. For those who do not know me, I'm a professional bass fisherman who has posted on DBR since the mid 90's. Not so much lately because I just don't have the time.
    Anyway, this game pays $100,000 to the fan who can pick the anglers who do well in the next six events. That's $600,000 that's going to be awarded to someone, AND IT IS FREE! And get this, if you are the fan that racks up the most points for the season, YOU WILL WIN $1 MILLION! It's the richest fantasy game in all of sports!
    The money is put up by Wal-mart (sponsor) and FLW (league) to get more people to follow our sport.
    I hope someone from the DBR community wins a little of Wal-marts money.
    Good Luck!
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