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    Andre Dawkins and Terrel Vinson

    Duke Update has links indicating that both these recruits visited last weekend. I knew Plumlee and Echnique visited, but hadn't heard about Dawkins and Vinson.

    Anybody know more about how the visits went or general information about the two new guys?

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    I would not describe Terell Vinson as new. He has been on Duke's radar for a while.
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    yes Terrel vinson has been on duke's radar for a while now some believe we are recruiting him and Jon hood harder becouse it looks like Leslie McDonald might be a UT lean right now. Andre Dawkins is a 6''4 gaurd who has a college ready body as a soph. He will be one of the best gaurds in the 2010 class and he is a Duke fan we stand a good shot of landing him in the future. There was another 2010 guy there to I do not know his name. Also there was a freshman from CA at the game. He is 6"10 260 pounds yes he is that big as a freshman his name is Kyle Caudill.

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