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Thread: Lance Thomas

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    Lance Thomas

    I have been critical of LT all season, but tonight he made some real contributions - a couple of key rebounds, a stuff, and a jump shot. If he develops over the summer, he could be a great player next year.

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    Apparently he was quite versatile in high school and we saw a pretty long range jumper tonight so maybe he will be "unleashed" next season. I don't think K or anyone really knew what everyone's role should be this season so that should improve next year.

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    he needs to get a lot stronger.

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    think Lance could use a summer in the weight room and work on his low post moves. He's got the length to be a good 4 potentially, especially if he can rebound and play good help defense. He came in with touted offensive skills, but I think his lack of defense kept him from showing it.
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    He did play well tonight.

    From what I have seen of him, he has two liabilities to work on:

    1) he gets too many fouls too quickly (although he seems to have improved on this already, at least some), and
    2) he needs to work on catching passes in traffic. When Paulus throws him a hard pass, he almost always either misses it, causing a turnover, or bobbles it, giving the defense time to gather themselves.

    He does have a lot of positives, though. He plays hard-nosed defense, he blocks out and rebounds well, and I think he has the potential to have a pretty sweet mid-range jumper.

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