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    Saratoga, NY

    Quote Originally Posted by bjornolf View Post
    I live in VA just outside DC and I got switched to the Kansas/OkSt. game with just over 14 minutes to go in the 2nd half. Man, was I ticked, since I was watching it on about a 10 minute delay with my DVR. So, I immediately switched over to my NY national feed CBS which had the rest of the game, I guess since SJU is a NY institution, so I only missed about 7 minutes of actual game time. I was still pretty upset to loose that time, though.
    The game was switched with about 15 minutes left in the half. I tried to find an e-mail address so that I could at least complain. CBS does not make a complaint address evident.

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    For all of us who want to complain to CBS...


    Lets flood thier inbox with angry Duke e-mails. Mine is in.

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    We lost coverage of the game at about the 15:00 mark of the second half in Gaffney, SC. I kept thinking they would return to the Duke game, but it did not happen.

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    In Seattle our CBS affiliate chose to show the Kansas-OSU game. I don't know why, as Duke is a bigger name here. But that's better than in prior years when they chose to show an infomercial instead of a Duke game on one occasion, and to show Saturday morning cartoons instead of a Duke game that was early in our time zone on another.

    But I hate the CBS network's coverage of college basketball in general. Their announcers aren't as good, they load their broadcasts with ads for their own primetime shows during even brief pauses in the action (on top of commercial ads), and they hype the Masters golf tournament ad naseum (it's hard to imagine that many college basketball fans watch golf on TV). Not to mention wandering off into other subjects while a game is still in progress, and failing to keep us informed about foul counts.

    ESPN does a better overall job, although they often (but not always) schedule game broadcasts to begin on two hour intervals, which rarely allows viewers to see the start of the following game(s).

    For all the games ESPN (or even Fox) broadcast during the season, they deserve to take over the NCAA Tournament, but I guess CBS' money has won out so far.

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    Greensboro, NC
    Well, the one good thing about living in Greensboro is we got to see the game until the finish.

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    On the Fringe of The Kentucky Territory

    They switched us TO the Duke game for the start of the game, when Kentucky was in a 2-point game with Arkansas, with about 2 minutes left on the game clock-- I was laughing thinking about how bad the CBS switchboard must have lit up from our area (on the fringe of KY-lovin' land) at that-- until the last laugh was on me-- after about 1 minute of the Duke game, we were switched back to UK/Arky, which took forever with fouls and timeouts, and then, when the game was over, CBS ran about 10 commercials, then went BACK to the (now-empty) UK arena to give us a re-cap of the game, before finally going back to the advertised programming-- the Duke game, which was now at ~14 minute mark of the first half. To add insult to injury, CBS cut away from Duke's game to OK State/Kansas early in the second half of Duke, so we got about 20 minutes of actual game time broadcast here.

    A funny side note-- when CBS came back to the UK game, after the errant cutaway, CBS had a shot of the UK bench, with about the first 5-6 guys doing that "arms-interlocked, we're all famblee" thing that (scholastic) teams often do when they are trying to win a tense, close game-- and the 6th guy (in just his uniform) is turning to the next guy (who is still wearing his warm-ups) to try to interlock arms with him, and the warm-up wearing guy looks at the other guy with obvious disdain, as if to say "What are we-- in kindergarten or something? I ain't doing that crap!"... it was almost an NBA kind of reaction to HS rah-rah stuff.... I thought it was pretty funny, but maybe it explains why UK (with still tons of talent) has lost to some teams like Belmont Abbey this year.

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    Greenville, SC
    I got switched in Greenville, SC.

    Missed the first 1:30 due to UK-Ark.

    Missed the last 14:30 due to KU-OK State.

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    Wilmington, DE

    Switched in Delaware

    Watching the broadcast CBS signal from Philly, they cut away to the Kansas game with about 15 minutes left in the second half of the Duke game. I was a bit late for the start of the Duke game, so not certain what happened with the end of the Kentucky game.

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    Dillon, Colorado
    I was in Memphis this weekend. Cbs switched away a few minutes into the second half.

    I'm not sure why it hasn't gotten into any of your heads that cbs sucks. Oh well, you'll realize it once the tournament starts.
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    Count me among those who were switched to the Kansas game. I understand that the Kansas game was both a closer game and more important in the scheme of things but when you schedule to air a game, people make their plans accordingly. Some people are less fans of the game than the teams playing, some people may only have regional or conference interests, and some people may have gone to a bar to get a satellite feed but when you switch the game mid stream there are only so many options available to the fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtr View Post
    The condo cannot legally prevent you from having a dish attached to your property (balcony, etc.). However, having a sat feed probably would not have helped you unless you have the national feed.
    Condos cannot bar you from having a satellite dish, but they can place restrictions on fixing it to your property, size, etc. In the condo I rent in DC, my roommate and I had to put our dish on a tripod because we were not allowed to fix it to the balcony railing. On the contrary, in Miami, everyone in our building had to get cable through Directv, as the local Directv provider had a contract for the entire building.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blazindw View Post
    On the contrary, in Miami, everyone in our building had to get cable through Directv, as the local Directv provider had a contract for the entire building.
    The Condo may say that is so, but that doesn't make it true. The FCC ruling is pretty clear -- no condo, no HOA, no local government, etc. can prevent you from putting up a dish of 1 meter or less on your own property. However, if your condo faces the wrong direction, you are in trouble, because you have no right at all to put it on common property. I went through this with my HOA, who insisted that I could not put up a dish if it was visible from the street. I put it up, they complained, I gave them a copy of the FCC ruling, they grumbled but gave in.
    To read the whole FCC deal, see
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    Murfreesboro, TN
    Was NOT switched, but have DirecTV...

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    Inman, SC & Melbourne Beach, FL
    Dukie Devil-
    Interesting that you were not switched in KY on Directv, but those of us with Directv in Central Florida were switched. Now there is no question that they switched us to a more interesting/competitive game, but to a Duke fan nothing is more interesting than a Duke game!
    I am not a big NFL fan, but it seems that they have that figured out fairly well. Before the games start on Sunday, people know which game they will get (assuming they do not have Sunday Ticket, in which case they get all games). If you start out watching, say Dolphins/Jets, do you stay with that game all the way through, or do they jerk you off to another (more interesting) game? My guess is that you get to stay with the game where you started. BB should be handled the same way. And if not, they should plug in the running score of the game they left (at a bare minimum). I know they have that capability, since they do it during March Madness.

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    To anyone who got the full game - or even the last 15 minutes - would you be kind enough to sell the DVD to me? I live near Chicago and got the Kansas - OKie St game, so I couldn't watch it at all. I do have a friend in Maryland who taped the game, but they got switched over at the 15 min mark too.


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    Inman, SC & Melbourne Beach, FL
    I'll second that. I would gladly buy a DVD of the second half, since CBS cheated me out of what (I didn't pay for). I have a paypal account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnavy View Post
    Lost the game on the HD channel, but it remained on the local CBS affiliate.
    WCBS in NY, CBS' largest O&O, kept it in HD for the entire game.

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    Complaint to CBS

    Here's my complaint to CBS on the form given above:

    Your categories for complaints (to CBS TV) need some work: I notice there is no category for sports, although now I understand why. And Iím writing to complain about something I didnít see on your network: namely, 75% of the second half of the Duke/St. Johns basketball game.

    When one follows a team, it is important to see how it develops game after game. You deprived me of this opportunity and there was no alternative to see the game. I think this is an entirely amateurish way to approach sports on TV and I hope your competitors get a bigger role in broadcasting college basketball games in future.

    I donít watch a lot of TV, but I shall now make a conscious effort to watch fewer CBS shows when the opportunity presents itself.

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    I have Directv, and I get both my local feeds and the national feeds. This allows me to watch a lot more NFL and college basketball, AND we can TiVo three shows that are slotted for the same time (she doesn't lose out on Grey's Anatomy or Ugly Betty, and I can TiVo Lost at the later time on the LA feed...this is just an example, as I can't think of an exact instance since the writer's strike has solved that little problem). Since I had the NY feed, I was able to watch the end of the game. Admittedly, it costs $10 a month ($2.50 per feed, and I think it's going up to $12 total next month), but I've found it worth it just in Duke games and NFL games not missed over the years.
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    Atlanta, GA (Buckhead)
    The game was switched in my Atlanta area code of 30327 early in the second half. I thought I had pressed the wrong button on my remote. When reality set in, I was steamed..........and ready to kill.


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