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    Lightbulb Post bars/restaurants in your area with NCAA package here

    I'll start. Last year I was on my way back from Chicago thru StL, and this year I'm in StL again.

    O'Flannery's pub on Washington, just between the main part of downtown and the loft district, has the package. Or they did in 2006.

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    Durham - Devines

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    For anyone in London, UK, the Sports Cafe in Piccadilly Circus has coverage. I'll be there tomorrow night (friday)

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    A couple people have asked about Chicago... try Fin McCool's (formerly the Alumni Club) at State and Division, or Gamekeepers at the Lincoln/Wisconsin/Sedgwick six-way.

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    For anyone with TW (digital) Cable in the Triangle, we have it for free on digital channels 254-259. That includes two HD feeds.

    I curse the cable company 11 months a year, but this is a really nice deal here.

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    NYC anyone?

    Visiting a friend up there this weekend and plan on watching basketball all day Friday, starting around noon. We usually hit up Brother Jimmy's during the season for ACC basketball, but can anyone recommend some other fun places to watch? We can't overdose on BBQ the day before St. Patrick's. We'll save that for recovery on Sunday.

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    Watch all four games in Atlanta

    Check this out:

    All four games are being shown if you have Comcast HD in Atlanta, however, the freakin' Duke game is the only one coming through in SD.

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    There aren't any games in HD here! Comcast/Atlanta.

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