View Poll Results: Who was the Man of the Match vs. UNC?

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  • Gerald Henderson

    4 1.47%
  • Taylor King

    0 0%
  • David McClure

    0 0%
  • DeMarcus Nelson

    0 0%
  • Greg Paulus

    89 32.60%
  • Jon Scheyer

    33 12.09%
  • Kyle Singler

    51 18.68%
  • Nolan Smith

    0 0%
  • Lance Thomas

    96 35.16%
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    I have never before thought, "They should pass Lance the ball more" but last night I was yelling that Lance was being missed when he slipped screens and they should get him the ball!.

    As great team win, but my vote went to Lance.

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    I chose Lance as well. Although, Scheyer could have easily been the choice.

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    Singler was Duke's best player overall in the second half of the game.

    Paulus' clutch shooting was amazing. He also had 4 steals.

    Thomas had his best game of the season.

    Scheyer's steadiness, headiness, steals, assists and free throw shooting were key.

    Henderson's blocks and smooth, timely second half offense were great.

    Nelson's ability to stay in game with 4 fouls was huge.

    This is a tough one.

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    real busy at work, no chance to read others' comments so I apologize. Singler's double double sealed it for me. He is AMAZING. scored in every facet: 3 pointers, 2 point jumpers, driving to the basket, back to the basket. He's unreal. Not to mention, he was a force down low competing against bigger and stronger guys. This guys is already good, and is going to be very, very special.

    Lance played a great game as well, and so did paulus. and while I love the way paulus is playing, all he is doing is making 3s. and their huge, but if he goes cold one night, then he becomes significantly more ineffective b/c and is reduced to basically a ball-handler. his leadership and intangibles are great, but i'd just like to see him do some other things on offense so that he can still be effective if he goes cold one night.

    (please note I am not trying to paulus bash. i like the kid a lot, and while I have clammored for nolan to get more PT, I do think greg is a good player and a good leader.)

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    One of the best things about this team is that every player brings more than one thing to the table. If Paulus has an off day shooting from the outside, he values the ball (low TO average), he leads team in assists and steals, and he is an outstanding shooter from the free throw line. This is in addition to his toughness and leadership.


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