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    duke basketball 2008 is like the giants 2008

    i see a lot of similarities between the giants this year and duke this year.

    (1) both play great defense, which sets up their offense.
    (2) both are very well coached.
    (3) both are great teams where the sum is greater than the parts. when the interviewed peyton right after the game he made a comment something like "that was one hell of a team."
    (4) both have very little in the way of stars (although i think nelson is working his way up the AA honors ranks). the giants had 1 guy elected to the pro bowl, which is the fewest ever from a super bowl winner.
    (5) both got rid of cancers that coincided with rapid improvement (duke with mcbob and the giants with tiki and, to a lesser extent, shockey).
    (6) both have players who genuinely appear to enjoy playing with each other and who check their egos at the door.
    (7) both have massively exceeded the consensus's expectations.


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    agreee with most here...


    who are the patriots???

    Memphis with their weak conference?

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    well first and foremost i think th

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    Yeah except that Duke rocks and the Giants are "TEH SUX!"

    Heh, j/k from this Eagles and Patriots fan.

    I'm not sure though, really, the Giants start some really big guys, and we don't.


    Come on I have to find a way that we're not alike.
    -- DukeUsul

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    ugh. I forgot how many duke fans are from new jersey.

    I came here to avoid having to hear about the super bowl.

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    As long as both seasons end the same, it all sounds great to me!

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