Is it just me, or does this team get unusually close (physically) in huddles? I've always admired our trademark huddles after a whistle, and feel that it speaks volumes about the team (especially when you see other teams not even help each other up off the floor). But I swear that as I watched the game last night, I noticed that the guys were really, really close. I almost thought their cheeks were going to touch. It's not like they were telling secrets (I don't think we need to start another "VT entering the huddle" thread). But I also don't think you physically get that close to your teammates unless you really like them. Maybe I'm making this up, or maybe it was on my mind given all the other "chemistry leads to success vs. success leads to chemistry" discussions. But did anyone else notice this? This is a minor point, but the closest teams I have both played on, and coached, have also been the most successful. And I do think there's a difference between closeness and chemistry.