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    #6 WSU loses to Arizona by 12

    not surprising!

    this is a good team. not a great team. they are not on the upper-eshelant (wow, terrible spelling) with Duke, UCLA, Memphis, Kansas, and some other school in NC. They are with G-Town, Texas and MSU.

    They played a super-weak non-conference sched and I figured they would get knocked around come conference play. I only expect more of this to come.

    Any other thoughts on weak top 10 teams?

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    Georgetown, Indiana, UCLA.

    It's echelon, btw.

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    There is enough parity and a lack of any experienced, talented, truly great teams so that any number of teams can look really good or really bad on a given night.

    It was only a couple weeks ago that Duke looked very normal against Cornell and Temple (who has rebounded well). UNC is really good, but they have already had three conference games come down to one possession. UCLA does have talent and experience and has two home losses. Memphis is undefeated, but played really ugly games against USC and UConn.

    As for Wazzu, they rely on great defense and an efficient offense. Didn't see the game tonight, but I know that Budinger and Bayless played well for Zona. Those two guys could carry Zona past anybody when they play well. Plus State's star PG Low had an a donut hole in the first half. Really, it would've been close if Wazzu scored at all. They were down 19 and had about 55 points with 3 minutes left.

    Another thing is that the disparity between the way a team plays at home versus they way they play on the road seems more noticeable than ever. Suddenly everybody is like Rutgers. That's why I'm very happy with two road wins to start ACC play and will be thrilled if the Devils can make it three on Sunday.

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