Lately, the boards have become increasingly cluttered with recruiting threads. I say "cluttered" not to signify a lack of interest, but because most of the threads vary from each other only slightly at the beginning, and by the end of the thread, they are almost identical.

So, here's an idea. We create one thread per recruiting target. We can have an "Elliot Williams Recruiting" thread. Same for Kenny Boynton, Greg Echenique and so forth.

In theory, we could also do a "UNC recruitng" thread a "Duke's recruitinment of big men" thread, and other topics that get posted multiple times per week.

So, here's a poll with three options:

1) Leave everything as is -- a new thread is a new thread.
2) Create player-specific recruiting threads for the season to consolidate posts.
3) Create player- AND issue-specific threads for the season to consolidate posts.

Please vote and post your thoughts.